Friday, March 19, 2010

Top 20 Television Characters of the Past 10 Years

#5) Titus Pullo (Portrayed by Ray Stevenson):

Although Rome only lasted on HBO for two seasons, the first season in particular (and especially the character of Titus Pullo) left a great impression on me. This is how T.V. should fucking be. The basis for this character is the actual Roman soldier of the same name, although the similarities don't overlap very much. Pullo is one of the most badass characters to grace this list: if you want proof, then just watch the awe-inspiring gladiator scene near the end of Season 1 where Pullo proceeds to decapitate some douche with his own shield and then fend off some big, bad, motherfuckers. He is also cool because he says the word "Cunny" when giving sexual advise, for example: "When you couple with her, there's a spot just above her cunny, it's like a little button. Now...attend to that button, and she will open a flower." Also: "That Gyppo Princess, now that's good cunny". See what I mean? He decapitates people, and says "Cunny" Wow. Rumor is that Rome is finally getting the attention it deserves and is being made into a feature film sometime in the near future. Let's all hope that Titus plays a main part, because HBO lost a lot of its orgasmic nature when it cancelled Rome (although the mojo will be back when A Game of Thrones premieres in Spring 2011), and it will be wonderful to see Pullo back on our television screens once again. My cunny's getting wet just thinking about it.

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