Saturday, March 13, 2010

Top 20 Television Characters of the Past 10 Years

#9) Christopher Moltisanti (Portrayed by Michael Imperioli):

Chrissy is a great character in the greatest television series of all time, The Sopranos. Tony's "Nephew", you could call Christopher Tony's second-hand man, as Tony tries to help Christopher throughout a lot of the run of The Sopranos. Although Christopher occasionally feels belittled in Tony's (or any higher up's) presence, he is a loyal follower and even states that Tony is the man he'll "go to Hell for". Christopher commits the first murder in the entire series of The Sopranos, yet part of the reason of why he is so lovable is because he is such a dumb fuck sometimes. He's always irresponsible and frequently late to meetings and important get togethers. His frequent alcohol and drug abuse provide hilarious scenes, such as the dog incident, and Christopher has a huge pair of nuts on him that anyone wishes they could have a little bit of: for example, shooting the baker in the foot for taking too long (a nod to Goodfellas where his character gets shot in the foot) and some of the amazing things he says in the face of immediate danger, and his apologies to Tony when he royally fucks up. Now that the show is years over, I still miss the moments when he messes up and has to face Tony: "I'm sorry, T", he would say, looking like the sad sack of shit that he is, waiting for that one more chance to make it big.

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