Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 20 Television Characters of the Past 10 Years

#7) Dexter Morgan (Portrayed by Michael C. Hall):

He's the Serial Killer but also the hero/protagonist of the story?? OMG what a novel idea!!!! LMFAO!!!!! But seriously, folks, I figure most anyone who is bothering reading this list knows this show is a great one. I thought the series had grown a little but stale (but still good) after Season 3 had ended, but Season 4 totally brought the show back to its roots (=greatness). Michael C. Hall is a goddamned treasure to behold when it comes to his characterization of the serial killer / family man, particularly if you are familiar with his work on Six Feet Under, the second greatest television drama of all time. Above all, Dexter has one major characteristic that most all of the characters on this list have (Dexter even more so): we can relate to them. I mean really, who hasn't wanted to murder someone through interesting and cruel devices of torture and power and watch them take their last breath and last blink of the eye as they gurgle, choking to death on their own blood, reliving their last moment on earth and realizing how futile life is, all while feeling the sharp metal edge of a blade through the skin, muscle and fat on their chest, their heart trying to continue beating but having trouble because the end of a knife is jammed into one of the ventricles, while probably voiding their last meals into their already piss-soaked trousers, the stench of shit suddenly thick in the air.

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