Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What You'll Want to be Watching:

                                           The Killing
     Here's a short, quick notice, folks: the almost-but-not-quite-HBO television network AMC is premiering its new series, The Killing, with a two-hour grand event Sunday night starting at 9 P.M. Eastern. As you probably (and fucking should) know, AMC is home to two of the top ten shows that are still airing new episodes on television--Mad Men (whose creators just announced today that the new season wouldn't premiere until early 2012) and the bestest, brilliant Breaking Bad (with the new season starting in June/July). With the winter doldrums finally crawling their way out of the state, it's time to open the windows and let the cool breeze bring in some new and exciting television shows. 
     Although I am significantly more excited for April 17th's HBO series premiere of A Game of Thrones (if excitement is measured in the number of boxer brief changes while watching the latest trailer, which I think it clearly has to), AMC's The Killing looks like it could be a nice mysterious slow-burner, with a major payoff at the end. Based upon a Danish television series, The Killing is a drama set in Seattle, Washington that chronicles the police investigation, family, and suspects of a town that just experienced the murder of a young girl. Each episode in the first season's 13 episode run will show one day of the investigation. The show looks dark, tragic and beautiful--just how I like my dramas. But don't just listen to this ratty, old blog: early reaction is extremely positive. People are calling it "excellent," "addictive", and they cite the fact that you can't wait until the next episode every time one ends, "the hallmark of any great drama." Other kind words are out there in cyberspace as well, if you choose to look. So this Sunday, whether I am watching it live or it is recording onto my DVR, I will experience AMC's new series, The Killing, with it's 2 hour premiere. One can only hope it will come close to reaching the greatness of the network's other two brilliant dramas.  

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