Friday, March 25, 2011

What You'll Want to be Watching:

     The title of this particular blog post is a bit misleading. I'm not sure if you'll want to actually be watching the movie Rubber when it comes to a theater (or video-on-demand) near you. If you're an Internet nerd like myself, you may have seen the trailer for this film somewhere along your cyber travels: Rubber is more like an experiment in film-making than a movie you get really excited about. Robert is a tire (yes, you read that correctly) that has been left in the desert. Suddenly, the once inanimate tire becomes animated and starts rolling the landscape. While rolling this dry countryside, Robert realizes that he has telegraphic powers that lets him destroy anything he comes across. At first, he becomes satisfied with small animals and desert creatures, but after a while, he starts focusing his attention on humans and becomes a treacherous villain to be reckoned with.
     "This sounds so fucking stupid," most of you are thinking. And that may be true. But after seeing the same unoriginal piece of shit films year after year, isn't it somewhat refreshing to see something new and surprising? Rubber is a take on the sub-genre of film of "no reason." That is, there is no reason for a normal black tire to suddenly gain life and go on a killing spree across the desert landscape. It just does.

The Trailer:

     Clearly, the cinematography and direction actually look pretty damn good. Rubber was released at Cannes Film Festival critic's week last May--to mixed reviews. Some called it one of the most bizarre experiments in film in quite some time, while others called it a tense horror film that has the same footage that it mocks. Here's all I am hoping for: an interesting horror/comedy that will be unlike anything else I will see this year.

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