Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy, Stupid and Highly Lovable

     I have no trouble admitting that Steve Carell's shtick grew tiresome for me soon after he really hit it big. After the wonderful The 40-Year-Old Virgin, there were not many directions to go instead of down. I watched the first episode of the American version of The Office and since have never witnessed another minute (not that it could ever compare to the British version anyway, as entertainment hardly ever does). He's a schmuck in Dinner for Schmucks, and he's his normal shitty self in Date Night and Get Smart. But--like most things in life--there are exceptions: he was good on The Daily Show and was likable in Little Miss Sunshine. A romantic comedy that came out last weekend is another one of those exceptions. Crazy, Stupid, Love, anchored by a super comedic performance from moist-pantie-inducing Ryan Gosling and Carell's slight variation of his character from Virgin, is a heartwarming little tale that is at times highly amusing and always worth watching.       (B)

My blog just lost about 3 paragraphs of this review. God fucking damn it.    (F, for this blog post)        

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