Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Short Update

     Here's a quick blog update for any of you two or three people who read these film-based writings: as you may know, right now I do occasional blog posts about Netflix movies that you can stream instantly to your computer or device. I have found this to be too limiting when deciding what film to write about. Yes, there are obviously some good--and even amazing--films on Netflix instant, but it's just extremely hard to find the time to seek them out when I also get 2 hard discs at a time as well (not to mention going to the actual movie theater and watching Movies On Demand).
    So from now on I have decided not to restrict myself to just instant movies (and probably people didn't even notice anyway), and I will be recommending any movie that I see from any format that suits my fancy. It should make for write-ups on much better films than previously, since I am no longer confined to the chains of  the movie prison that is Netflix Watch Instantly. Expect a new post soon...

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