Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Hot Tub Time Machine
      Although no excuse could possibly cover for your ignorance, if you haven't seen Hot Tub Time Machine, you have an extremely easy choice of plans for tonight. Since it is 2010's best film that could be considered a straight comedy, it is essential viewing for any human being that enjoys laughter, alcohol, hot tubs and severed limbs. Infinitely better than that other movie about getting drunk and wondering, "What the hell just happened?" (The Hangover, starring Bradley "Douche" Cooper and the formerly-funny-now-just-fucking-annoying Zach Galinifuckface), Hot Tub (as it will be referred to from here on out) turns a potential one-hit-wonder joke into a wonderful laugh riot.
      "Hutchdawg, how could you say that Hot Tub is infinitely better movie than The Hangover? The Hangover was so hilarious, they all got drunk and took roofies and one got lost. Then Mike Tyson showed up and some naked Chinese dude without a visible cock." It's easy to determine how much better Hot Tub is than the other, way-more-shitty film. Let's compare actors first: The main star of Hot Tub is the classic and hilarious John Cusack. One could say he's a film icon. The Hangover's main star is Bradley Cooper. An icon to any fan of shitty cinema, he has starred in such classics as All About Steve and 2010's The A-Team. Let's move onto the more minor characters. Both movies star vets of The Daily Show: Rob Corddry and Ed Helms. Both are funny, but only one utters the classic line, "Shotgun to the dick." The third, goofy characters of each film, Craig Robinson and Zach G. (too lazy to type his full last name), add some much needed comic relief to each film. At least Craig does: he has made me laugh in great entertainment such as Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and one of television's best comedies, Eastbound and Down, and he continues that trend here. Zach G. bores me to death in HBO's Bored to Death.
      So it's quite clear that Hot Tub's cast is far funnier and far superior acting talents. And the plot is clearly better too: I mean, I wish that guy in The Hangover had died when they find him on the roof. That way I wouldn't have to witness him speaking. As you can see from the movie poster above, Hot Tub's plot has a simple equation: energy drink + alcohol + squirrel divided by a hot tub = travelling back in time. It has The Hangover's debauchery with time-travel humor that fits right beside the Back to the Future films. But the thing that truly sets Hot Tub apart from other films in the same genre is its ever-present feeling of sadness for time that has passed. It's that feeling of nostalgia that we all, as humans, experience at one point or another in our lives. Although the plot revolves travelling back in time through a hot tub portal, it's more realistic in its depiction of past elation and regret. We all remember previous days and years, and I think that all of us can relate to going back to experience the amazing times and try and change things that didn't go our way. It's human nature, as is loving 2010's best comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine.

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